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my clozapine hub™

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Detox In A Box™

Information and protocols for Treatment Providers and clients around this novel approach to detoxification using buprenorphine in combination with symptomatic medications including alpha2 agonists.

Training Toolkits

Slide decks, handouts, quizzes and more designed to equip your team with the resources to support their clients through their pharmacological treatment options.

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We are able to provide access to accurate and appropriate information on a variety of pharmacological interventions including:

  • Opioid Substitution Therapy with buprenorphine and methadone
  • Symptomatic medications for opioid withdrawal including alpha 2 agonists
  • Relapse prevention with naltrexone
  • Reversal of overdose with naloxone
  • Management of ’Special Populations’ including people with co-existing mental health and addiction morbidities ( Dual Diagnosis)

Go With The Flow

A series of flow charts and protocols aimed at simplifying treatment pathways whilst being supported by evidence-based robust documentation.

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Here are just some examples of the flow charts that are available…

  • Guidance on Assessment and Management of Addiction to Prescribed or Over the Counter (OTC) Opiates in Primary Care
  • Guidance for GPs and Community Pharmacists on Stopping Prescribe or Over the Counter (OTC) Opioid Medication – A 5 Step Process
  • Choosing Between Methadone and Buprenorphine ( For Prescribers)
  • Identifying the Client’s Readiness to Move Towards a Drug-Drug-Free Exit
  • Integrating the Individual’s Psychological Readiness to Stop On-Top Use with the Optimal Buprenorphine Dose
  • Guidance on Responding to Repeated Opioid Use On-top of a Prescription
  • Guidance for Keyworkers on When to do Urine Drug Screens in OST Clients
  • Guidance on Changing from Supervised to Unsupervised OST
  • Guidance on Changing from Unsupervised to Supervised OST
  • Guidance on the Safe Issuing of Holiday Prescriptions for the UK and Abroad
  • Discharge of Opioid Users from a Protective Environment (including ‘retoxing’)
  • Guidance on the Use of Split Dosing of Methadone within Addiction Services
  • Principles of High Inclusive Broad Appeal Opiate Substitution Treatment OST) – A Summary Based on a Review of the Evidence

Credible, Reliable
& Validated Sources

There is a growing demand for credible and accurate information on the causes and management of addiction and schizophrenia. The maxim ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ is very true, especially when that knowledge is founded upon fake or inaccurate information. Despite the freedom the world wide web brings to millions of people around the world, finding accurate and validated sources can be difficult. my resource hub™ utilises a team of addictions and mental health professionals and our resources are founded on a combination of clinical experience, evidence-based practices and local and national guidelines.


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High quality resources in the addictions and mental health arena are limited. We believe that ‘one size does not fit all’ and therefore we pride ourselves on creating unique and engaging educational resources that remain sensitive to the topic in discussion, making them appropriate for any audience. With an array of media such as bespoke online courses and printable content, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.


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Our digital platform can be accessed on any device at any time, making your learning experience flexible. We are developing a range of physical resources, including but not limited to printable PDFs, booklets, slide decks and leaflets covering many different topics. Our team is also available for consultation on bespoke services including professional consultancy for addiction and mental health treatment services, pharmaceutical companies or any other commercial, non-commercial or educational organisation.


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